Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One of the many curses of having a Patisserie and Pretzel store on the corner of your house, fresh donuts for breakfast! Followed by my favourite yoghurt, plum and walnut. Can't explain the absolute taste sensation this is. I have found my calling. Looking into personal yoghurt importing as soon as I get home. 

There's something pretty amazing about waking up every morning to find it snowing. The novelty doesn't ever seem to wear off.  

Angelika tells fairytales at the local Steiner primary school. We watched their traditional Weihnachts service where the children create murals of the fairytale on giant translucent boards. They are fitted together at the end of the service, backlit with a candle from each student. The highlight for me? The kick-ass playground, complete with double-story cubby house and mole tunnel, that I subsequently tried to crawl through and got stuck in. Some things never change.

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